Beautiful Gross 50’s & 60’s Food Images

Beautiful Things

Something I’ve always been fascinated by is old photos in vintage cookbooks that show beautifully plated & presented foods that look completely not delicious to eat.  Ambrosia salads, mayonnaise salad globs on leaves of iceberg lettuce, meatloaves shaped like snowmen with mashed potato snow & olive slices for eyes….that kind of thing.  The food looks so bright, almost plasticine, and is sculpturally perfect, yet is incredibly unappetizing.  I love the dichotomy!  Also, I love the color choices, bright red punch sits on a pea-green countertop with curly orange rinds for garnish, or a blobby pink ham salad nestles in a sun-yellow bowl on a red-checked tablecloth.  So bright!  So pretty!  So gross!

A few samples for you:

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