Floral Patterns for Days

Beautiful Things

There’s something about the perfect calmness of an endless pattern that I can’t get enough of.  I personally am really enjoying turning little spot illustrations into themed patterns, which can go in so many directions it boggles the mind.  My favorite thing to wear & to look at, though, is a nice floral print.  They’re sweet, they can incorporate lots of different palettes and styles, and they’ve been around for such a long time (since the beginning of printed fabric & home goods) that you can appreciate flower-y art from any era.  Here’s a little trip through time:

1900’s Ceramic Pitcher-  Brings to mind a lush, yet contained, British garden.


1920’s Wallpaper- Bolder, yet still sweet & super feminine.


1940’s Dress- More modern, looser lines & less colorful.


1960’s Fabric Print-Brightest and boldest, with a sixties-specific analogous color scheme.


1980’s Shirt- Everything was larger & more tropical themed, with patterns scaled way up in the 80’s.


Modern “Floral Camo” Pattern from design company Pattern People, based out of Portland, OR

Though I don’t love camo things in general, I like the idea of deconstructing floral to this point.  I also love the combination of the neon pink & de-saturated colors together in one pattern & the current trend of combining concepts from opposing ends of the spectrum (like flowers & camouflage).  I’m into it!