Two of my favorite things…

Inspirational Artists


The art of Tintin & seamless patterns!  While the imperialist/colonialist bent of the content of the comic books by Herge is not always so awesome, I always feel inspired by the rendering of the characters, details, and the use of line.  There’s just something so perfect about his ability to draw an adventurous boy with a floppy hairdo and his little white dog.  Who wants to sell me a set of these sheets?

Floral Things & Society 6

Things I'm Doing


I’m always trying to hone in on a specific style for my work, and I think I’m getting closer all the time.  I like the method of adding a simple pattern to create emphasis and a textural-type interest to the work, it’s digitally perfect & clean while also giving the feeling of a sweet folky quilt.

I’m also in the process of re-upping the content in my Society 6 store…after two years something finally sold so I got motivated to add more things!  This floral piece will be listed there soon- check out the store here:

Greetings from Asheville…

Things I'm Doing

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.26.31 PM

I made this quasi-editorial piece just for myself- in Asheville NC, there is currently a major tourist industry based on river tubing/boating on the French Broad River.  Unfortunately- as most locals know- the river is very dirty, constantly suffering from run-off, and often infested with e. coli.  So come on all you visitors & join the fun…just don’t let any river water splash into your micro-brews!

90’s Jams!

Things I'm Doing


I made a list-y/quiz-y post for Bored Panda, you can check out the whole post at the link below.  (Maybe too easy as a quiz for us “old millennials”…because apparently that’s the term, but super fun to come up with the images!)


Art prompts: Illustration Friday

Things I'm Doing



I am realizing that if I want anyone to see my work, I need to make it more visible (seems pretty obvious, but it’s easier said than done.)  I decided to do a work up of this week’s Illustration Friday prompt on the theme: “smart”.  So here you have it, Bradley: the hawk CPA, all ready for you to bring your complicated taxes…because people (and birds) who know how to deal with money always seem like the smartest people (and birds) to me.

Pattern as Book Cover

Things I'm Doing



Layout & typography are two things that I need to keep practicing, so I’ve decided to try to do some book covers that are more design-based & also incorporate some of the pattern work I have been doing.  So…Treasure Island!  I want to hone positive/negative space as well, it’s a difficult skill to master but can make a really affective tool if you can do it right.