Ohh deer! (oh dear)

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I decided to join in on the ohh deer competition to create a papergang subscription box, using a design theme that I’d already created to sell at Building Character & the Washington Boro Creative Bazaar.  I know it’s a long shot- but I’m pretty happy with the outcome!  There’s some beautiful designs on instagram, you can see everyone’s entries if you search #designapapergangbox

You can also see more of my work on insta @sealiondesigns




Vintage Book Art

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I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with 1920’s-50’s book cover art.  Particularly, the type that’s hand painted to show a dramatic scene in the book (think Nancy Drew, or Noir/Crime novels).  I’ve wanted to find a way to recreate this style of art, and have played with different mediums, from paint to photoshop to illustrator, but haven’t been able to do it in a way that I like yet.  This is probably because I lack the technical skills of the artists that made those covers, but I still think there ought to be a way.  The best part about thinking about doing fake covers is coming up with the titles, “Madame LaMare and the Horrors of Holiday Island” or “The Beast of Broadway Investigates: The Case of the Midnight Cow”.  The possibilities are endless!  And for your enjoyment, here are a few of my favorites:

images     images-1      Unknown

images-2                    images-3                        Unknown-1